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©2020 James Burke Moving Pictures, DOP, Cameraman, Launceston, Tasmania.

Media Production Company



Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Cameraman/Videographer for TV Networks, Production Companies and Businesses. With 12 years of working in the industry, through employment and freelance, James has acquired a wide range of media production expertise in live TV, feature films, TV series, broadcast commercials, programs, documentaries and corporate productions.


FS7 II XDCAM with Zoom Kit.

A7RIII with Gimbal.

Wireless Director's Monitor.

Lighting, Audio and Drone Kits.

Multi-cam Livestreaming.

Post-Production available.



Public Liability ($20m).

Worker's Compensation Insurance.

Provide First Aid Certificate.

White Card - Construction induction.

Blue Card – Working with vulnerable people check.



P: 0425 827 443
E: James@jbmp.com.au